About Us


If you are visiting our site today no matter who you are, how you happened to find out about it or even if it was simply a happy accident that you came upon it, you are more than likely to be fascinated by what we have to offer. 


Ever since its inception in the spring of 2007, the FitFlop brand has spread like wildfire leaping from country to country, cutting across generations, lifestyles, professions – you name it.  In fact, we dare you to find a footwear preference it does not cater to!  The secret to FitFlop’s widespread appeal is in their functional design, but these shoes are not just brainy they are also a vision of beauty. 


It is therefore no surprise that to date more than 12 million pairs have been sold!  



Naturally, Shoetopia.co.za did not hesitate to include the FitFlop range on our site.  Here you can place your orders painlessly and efficiently as well as have your FitFlop shoes hand-delivered to you in just a few short days. 


The FitFlop range are comfortable featuring a multi-density Microwobbleboard™ midsole that was launched it in our first FitFlop sandal, over 20 million** pairs have been sold since.
(And we’re repeatedly told - by happy customers - that we make the most comfortable footwear in the world.) Apart from comfort FitFlop also stay relevant by contiually creating new styles and keep up-to-date with trends.’ 


And so we at Shoetopia.co..za implore you to put some spring into your step and invest in a pair of FitFlop!